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Name Professor Aman AGARWAL
Current Address

Official Address
[GGS Indraprastha University]
Plot 4, Community Center II,
Ashok Vihar II
Delhi 110 052.
B-3/83 Ashok Vihar II
Delhi 110 052.
Phone 0091-11-27451212   0091-11-27125791
Fax 0091-11-27454128 0091-11-27234473
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http://www.iifbs.edu(Director's Section)

Finance India URL
Director, IIF BUSINESS SCHOOL ; [GGS Indraprastha University]

Involves Research & Teaching (Masters); Overall administration; Coordinating and formalization of university policies, course outlines & improving on structures; & Board level decision-making & policy framing.

Honourary Professor of Uzbekistan, TASHKENT STATE UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS;

Adjunct Professor of Finance, INDIAN INSTITUTE OF FINANCE;


Involves Research & Teaching (Masters) & conducting MDP Programs

Secretary & Treasurer, JYOTI FOUNDATION;
Involves developing MOUs with Universities/Institutions abroad for exchange of faculty, students & research; expansion plans of the Foundation towards establishing educational institutions throughout the country; & Conduction of Charitable Activities and Government Programs.

Associate Editor, Finance India: Quaterly Journal of Finance

Invoves Screening of Articles & coordination with the RPS;Scheduling Journal activities,Coordination among Editorial Board members & Reviewers;Policy drafting for enhancement of Quality of the JournalExchange Collaborations

Editorial Board Member, THE EMPIRICAL ECONOMICS LETTERS;[Bangladesh]

Dean (International Affairs), INDIAN INSTITUTE OF FINANCE;

Involves developing Exchange arrangements & coordinating with International visitors.

Financial Expert (Invited), 123INDIA.COM

Involves writing articles Bi-Weekly; handling financial queries & monthly Online Discussions and Talks.

Educational Background

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - Senior Executive joint Japan/World Bank Program in Economic Policy Management- Master of Public Administration [MPA]
INDIAN INSTITUTE OF FINANCE - Fellow Program in Finance [FBA(Finance)] (Pursuing)
LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS - Specialized Program in Finance on "Options, Futures & Other Derivatives"
INDIAN INSTITUTE OF FINANCE - Management of Business Finance [MBF]
- Bachelor of Commerce (Honors)[B.Com(Hons)]
(Pvt. School)- Schooling till 12th Standard with English Medium


Research & Publications:  

5 Years
Research Projects 9
Research Papers Published 13 (International Journals)
Book Reviews Published 25
Books (TV Talks/Contributed) 1
Media(TV Talks/Newspapers) 38
Supervision 8 M.BA, 42 M.B.F & 12 B.B.A dissertations
Teaching MBA/MBF/BBA 3 Years
Lectures in MDPs (Sr. Exe. Prog.] 12 Programmes
Visiting faculty 8 Institutes/Universities(in US, Europe, Central Asia, Latin America, South Asia & India)
Chaired Technical Sessions 29
Keynote Address 14(In National & International Conferences)
Other Experiences
Consulting 5 Years
Editing  3 years (Finance India, Quarterly Journal of Finance)
Administrative 9 Years
Membership 12 Professional Bodies & 2 Scientific Committee
Seminars & Conferences 94

U.S.A., U.K.,Brazil, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Japan, Nigeria, Portugal, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, Tunisia

Computer Knowledge
& Skills
Internet Knowledge, MS Front Page, HTML Language, MS Office , MS-Dos, Lotus 123, Word Scan, HP Scan, FoxPro and Dbase (application), Oracle Finance, Stata, Page Maker, Acrobat Distiller, Windows 98


English Fluent)
Hindi   (Native)

(Medium of Instruction has been English - Kinder-garden through University level and have also studied it as a seperate subject for 12+3 years )
Recent Research
Defining parameters of an Underlying Variable (Asset/Value) and establishing Water Table as UV, FINANCE INDIA, Vol XVI No 4, December 2002
Managemet Education : Steps for 2010, prepared for PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Delhi, INDIA, CONFERENCE VOLUME, 2002 and IIF NEWSLETTER, Vol. No. 8-9, August -September 2002, INDIA.
Invited to present at National Conference on "Indian Management Education Vision 2010 "at PHDCCI, Delhi (21st August 2002)
Derivative Saving Instrument, Invited paper for EMPIRICAL ECONOMIC LETTERS, Vol.1 No. 1, September 2002, BANGLADESH
Indian Financial Markets & Business Orientation

Invited to present at The Upper Silesian School of Commerce, Katowice, POLAND(31st May 2002)

Finance for Future Managers

Invited to present at Wyzsa Szkola Hadlows, Ruda Slaska, POLAND(30 May 2002)

Indian Economy : Growth & Development

Invited to present at Warsaw University, Warszawa, POLAD(28th May 2002) & Wyzsza Szkola Hadlows, Ruda Slaska, POLAND(30th May 2002)

Indian Economy Scenaria & International Recession

Invited to present at Warsaw School of Economics, Warszawa, POLAND(27th May 2002)
Indian Re-Insurance Business & the Gloabl Environment in the 21st Century, Coauthored with J.D.Agarwal (Indian Institute of Finance) and Rahul Singh (Indian Institute of Finance, India)
Invited to Chair Session and present the paper at the 2002 NEBBA International Conference on"Globalization in the 21st Century" organized by School of Business Southern Connecticut State University, USA(May 30-31st, 2002)
Credit Mangement in India
Invited to deliver a keynote address and Chair Session on Information Technology at the National Conference on Contemporary Issues in Accounting organized by Department of Accountancy & Business Statistics & Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, INDIA (30-31st March 2003).
Credit Mangement
Invited to deliver a keynote address at the National Conference organized by Department of Accountancy & Business Statistics, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, INDIA (2-3rd March 2003).

Indian Re-Insurance Business & the Global Environment, Coauthored with Rahul Singh (Indian Institute of Finance, India); Submitted for publication in Vikalpa - The Journal of Decision Markets, IIM Allahabad

Awarded the First Prize at the National Conference & Research Paper Contest of Institute of Productivity Management, Meerut, INDIA.
A New Approach & Model for Weather Derivative Instrument based on Water Table for Floods, Drought and Rainfall for Financial Sector Development Department, The World Bank, Washington DC, USA;FINANCE INDIA XVI No. 3, September 2002

Invited to present in universities in USA (September 2001), at Pontific Catholic University of Rio de Janerio, BRAZIL (23rd October 2001), at Brazillian Capital Markets Institute(IBMEC-Rio), Rio de Janerio, BRAZIL (24th October 2001), at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, BRAZIL (25th October 2001), at Getulio Vargas Foundation, Rio de Janerio, BRAZIL (26th October 2001), at Dreyfus Brascan Asset Management, Rio de Janerio, BRAZIL (26th October 2001), at Brazillian Capital Markets Institute(IBMEC-San Paulo), San Paulo, BRAZIL (29th October 2001), San Paulo (29th October 2001), Geulio Vargas Foundation, School of Business Administration of San Paulo, San Paulo, BRAZIL (30th October 2001)
Liberalisation of Capital Flows, Banking System & Trade: Focus on Crisis Situations, Coauthored with J.D. Agarwal (Indian Institute of Finance, India); Invited paper for publication in INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF COMPARATIVE PUBLIC POLICY titled "International Financial Systems and Stock Volatility" Volume 13, pages 151-212, USA.

Invited to present at 18th International Conference of Finance at Namur, BELGIUM (25th-28th June 2001), at Florida International University, Florida, USA (26th September 2001), discussed with FIU Finance faculty at Luncheon presentation, Florida, USA (27th September 2001), at Pontific Catholic University of Rio de Janerio, Rio de Janerio, BRAZIL (22rd October 2001). Also Discussed at few conferences in USA and UK in April and May 2001.

Derivatives: Wave of the Future (An Approach for Stock Option Compensation & the Indian Scenario),Invited paper for INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FINANCE, USA.

Invited to present at Luncheon Seminar at University of Maryland at College Park, Maryland, USA (3rd May 2001) & CBPA, Dean's Research Seminar, Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA (21st September 2001).

Derivative: Wave of the Future (Opportunities for Enterpreneur & the Indian Scenario)
Invited to present at Enterpreneurship Finance Conference of Syracuse University, Syracuse,USA [27th April 2001]

Unified New Europe and the effect on the Global Village(Model for "New Europe ") UNIVERSITY PORTUCALENSE CONFERENCE VOLUME, November 2001, PORTUGAL & VIDA ECONOMICA, PORTUGAL

Presented at EU Institute, Columbia University, New York, USA [17th April 2001], Keynote address at University's 15th year anniversary celebration conference - "European Union", University Portucalense, Porto, PORTUGAL [8 November 2001]

Japan & South East Asian Crisis

Presented at SEA Institute, Columbia University, New York, USA [17th April 2001]

Derivatives: A wave of the Future [Indian Scenario]
, FINANCE INDIA, XIV No 2, June 2001

Invited to present at International Finance Conference of University of Cergy-Pontous & Association Francaise de Finance [AFFI],Sfax, TUNISIA [15th March 2001]

Impact of Governance on Economic Development in South Asian Region,
Coauthored with Muhammad Rao Aslam [Pakistan], Namita Datta [India],Hettiarchchige Don Bernard S.Perera [Sri Lanka], Tshewang Norbu [Bhutan], Venkiteswaran Ramakrishnan [India]; FINANCE INDIA,XVI No. 2, June 2002

Presented at Columbia University, New York,USA, [November 2000]
Derivatives in India, DERIVATIVE REPORT November 2000 issue, Journal of Research Insitute of America

Red Alert ?
Is it Asian or World Crisis !!!
Coauthored with Biswajit Barua [IIF, India]

Presented a National Conference in Delhi,INDIA (1998)

Inflation - Study with respect to INDIA, Coauthored with Manju Agarwal [Delhi University,India] & Biswajit Barua [IIF India], FINANCE INDIA Vol XII No 2 June 1999

Presented at National Conferences, INDIA(1998,1999), Indian Institute of Finance, Delhi, INDIA (1998)
Newspaper &

In Tune with E-Commerce: E-finance is the key element, Education Times, Times of India, INDIA July 3rd, 2000

E-Finance, 123India.com, INDIA, 11th September 2001

Weather Derivatives: An Introduction, 123India.com, INDIA, September 2001

Derivative: A Historical Perspective, 123India.com, October 2001, INDIA, Invited Speaker in the technical session on "Emerging Issues in Capital Market" 54th All India Commerce Conference, Indian Commerce Association, Alighar, INDIA, 23rd December 2001

USA's economic situation and its impact on the global market scenario: Current & future Dimension, 123India.com, INDIA, October 2001

Weather Derivative Instrument, BRAZIL, October 2001,

Unified New Europe & Changes Before It, Vida Economica, PORTUGAL, November 2001

Historical & Global Perspective of Derivatives, Vida Economica, PORTUGAL, January 2002 Indian

Re-Insurance Business in the Changing Spectrum of Global Dynamism, 123India.com, INDIA 14th January 2002

Transfer Pricing: An Introduction, 123India.com, INDIA, 25th February 2002

Redefine the Management Statement, Education Zone, The Indian Express, INDIA, February-March Issue, 28th February 2002

Indian Economy, IT Sector & the Capital Market Scenario in light of Global Recession, HP Turkey, (Turkey Newspaper), TURKEY http://www.hepbizz.com, Interviewed by Mr. Baris Soydan, Editor, Hepbizz.com, 19th May 2002 in ROMANIA

Economic Growth and Development in Uzbekistan, Interviewed by Director, Uzbek TV of Government of Uzbekistan, in ROMANIA at the EBRD Annual Meet 2002, 20th May 2002

Management Education: Steps for 2010, 123India.com, INDIA 23rd August 2002


Research and
"Developing a Working Practice Group for Risk Hedging Insurance Instruments for the Real Economy in the CAT" for Financial Sector Development Department, The World Bank, Washington DC, USA.

"Developing a Model for a Weather Derivative Instrument for Developing Countries" for Financial Sector Development Department, The World Bank, Washington DC, USA.

"Fee Fixation for Under Graduate Engineering Studies" for All India Council of Technical Education, Government of India(GOI),Delhi,INDIA

"Governor's Island Redevelopment" as part of Worshop in Applied Public Management & Public Affairs at SIPA, Columbia University.NY,USA.

"Financial Modeling in Oil & Natural Gas Sector" for WestLand Deutche Bank as part of Worshop in International Business, Banking & Finance at SIPA, Columbia University.NY,USA.

"Financial Modeling for LNG Energy source for power sector in California" for WestLand Deutche Bank as part of Workshop in International Business, Banking & Finance at SIPA, Columbia University, NY, USA

"Least Cost of Encashement Credit" in a Normal Depositroy Encashment System or Cash Management System for Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited(BHEL).Delhi,INDIA

"CORPORATE PROFILE ANALYSIS: Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited & Asian Brown Boveri Delhi,INDIA"

"Consolidation of Financial Systems Industry" part of MBF.Indian Institute of Finance, Delhi,INDIA.

Joint Venture;Analysis of the Financial Scenario in the First Week of August 1997 and predictions there upon;Pay Commission Report;Fifty Year of India's Financial & Corporate Sector;Euro Currency; Mergers & Acquisition;South African Currency Crisis,Creditworthyness & Economic Scenario; Economics for Higher Education (Cost Recovery);Japan's Experience with Deposit Insurance and Failing Banks: Implications for Financial Regulatory Design?






Professor Franco Modigliani,
Nobel Laureate
& Emeritus Institute
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Professor Robert C. Merton
Nobel Laurete &
Harvard University
Mr. B. P. Singh
Executive Director
The World Bank
Mr. Natwar M. Gandhi
Chief Finance Officer
Government of District of Columbia
Professor Francisco L. Rivera-Batiz
Director PEPM, SIPA
Columbia University, New York, USA
Professor Ben L. Kedia
Wang Chair and Director
Wang Center for Int'l Business Education and Research (CIBER), The University of Memphis, Memphis, USA
Professor P.B. Sharma
Vice Chancellor,
Rajiv Gandhi University of Technology, Bhopal
Former Principal,Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi
Professor A.L. Nagar
Former Pro-Vice Chancellor, Delhi University &
Former Professor, Delhi School of Economics &
Senior Professor, Indian Institute of Finance, Delhi
Dr. J.D.Agarwal
Director, Indian Institute of Finance,Delhi
Chief Editor,
Finance India, Delhi

Dr. Amit Mitra
Secretary General
Federationof Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry [FICCI], FICCI House, Delhi

Mr. K.G. Ramachandran

BHEL, BHEL House, Delhi

Mr. Sudhakar Rao
Resident Commissioner,

Karnatka, Delhi
Professor Kanti Sawrop
Former Senior Professor
Senior Professor,
Indian Institute of Finance, Delhi

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